Transformative Healing Arts


The Freedom Crow is not accepting new clients.

Newly relocated to Los Angeles, this practice is transforming into a completely new healing space.

More updates to come!

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Acupuncture - Gina is currently only seeing patients at Tia Silverlake LA

1:1 Coaching - Email to schedule individual guided sessions for activist burnout, mental health, trauma & addiction recovery, and creative personal development

Healing Philosophy

I practice integrative and holistic medicine, one that treats the individual as a whole entity in mind, body, and spirit. 

I honor the science and art of medicine to facilitate the healing of the personal, the political, and the planetary. 

The Freedom Crow is undergoing transformation.

Health and community justice has always been an important part of The Freedom Crow mission. Stay connected as we navigate our shifting world and come up with creative solutions to support our communities and create the world we're longing for.