Facilitate each other toward freedom; freedom from oppression, and freedom to live in a state of empowerment.

My Philosophy

        I apply an integrative and holistic perspective to medicine.


 -Integrative -

        Acupuncture in the US is an interpretation of the Western biomedical framework to which Asian allopathic methods are applied. I interpret symptoms mapped on the body through a scientific and Taoist energetic lens, treating the body as a whole system whereby physical and psycho-emotional illness can be treated simultaneously.  

 -Holistic -

        Illness reflects the stresses we experience as we transition through various walks of life. Disease and pain stem from personal, psycho-emotional, environmental, and socio-cultural planes.


         In order to help you, I listen deeply to your experience, to consider the planes of influence, investigate the path of the disease, and locate the root of your pain.


My Story

        I have an eclectic background in Film, Public Health, Activism, and Anthropology. Through each disciplinary exploration, I developed new ways to work on behalf of the underserved. Diversity and inclusion are integral values that guide my work. 

        Currently, I'm creating a film on healing from systemic oppression as a Doctoral candidate at AIMC Berkeley. ​To learn more and support the project, read the Freedom Crow blog and follow me on social media.  


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Gina Dang, L.Ac.

BA Degree in Anthropology  

(UC Berkeley)

MS Degree in Oriental Medicine

(Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley)

Certified in Japanese Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion 

(Shikoku Medical College)

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