Will Acupuncture Treat My Condition?

Commonly Seen Conditions

Sprains & Strains




High Blood Pressure



Digestive Disorders

Surgery Prep & Recovery

Neck & Back Pain




Headaches (incl. migraines)

Bell Palsey

Gynecological Disorders

     (incl. PMS & perimenopause)

                  and more...

Appointment only

Schedule a treatment or coaching session in the comfort of your own home. Treatment options:

1. More affordable: Acupuncture ONLY. You receive treatment on a comfortable reclined surface of your choosing. Sliding scale starting at $65 


2. More comprehensive : You receive treatment on a massage table with a full kit (which includes cupping tools, moxa, and other modalities). With a full kit, we have a wider set of tools to choose from to address your health goals. We can also discuss a long-term treatment plan as well as relevant lifestyle changes. Sliding scale starting at $95 

(package discounts available) 

For Coaching Sessions 

contact: ginadang@freedomcrow.com


First Time Getting Treated?

Before Your Treatment

1.  Wear comfortable loose-fitted clothes. You should be able to roll up sleeves to help me access acupuncture points.

2.  Eat a well-balanced meal or, at least, a light snack. We will be moving qi (energy), so feed yourself some! 

Note: Acupuncture works better when you're not under the influence. Please refrain from recreational drug use and alcohol prior to treatment. This includes caffeine.

3.  Consider providing a list of current supplements or prescription medications along with relevant medical documents or lab work. 

Treatments typically last one hour, but can run longer depending on services needed or requested. Allow more time for the first treatment. We want to get to know you and get a thorough understanding of your health history. 

We want to get to know you and get a thorough understanding of your health history.

You may feel nothing at all.
Many patients fall straight to sleep.

Treatment Expectations

1.  During the intake process, I will ask you questions, give you space to ask me questions, and conduct physical exams. I will also use methods of Chinese diagnosis, like feeling your pulse and looking at your tongue.

2.  The practice of acupuncture varies between practitioners. I tend to use fewer needles and practice gentle insertion. You may feel a quick prick with insertion followed by numbness, heaviness, or waves of sensation to other parts of the body. You may feel nothing at all. 

3. Needles will be left in for about 20mins. Many patients fall straight to sleep. During this time, I may leave  the room to let you rest, return to stimulate the acupuncture needles, or perform another service. 

Note: There should not be pain. Please immediately make your practitioner aware of any discomfort.


1. It may take 1-3 days to feel the effects of treatment. Patients often report positive effects including improved appetite, better sleep, and less stress.  Adverse effects can also occur and could be a necessary part of your body's healing process. I will discuss potential effects unique to your presentation along with lifestyle tips to aid healing. 

2. Remember acupuncture effects are cumulative. In order to optimize healing and feel results, it is best to receive regular treatments and follow a practitioner's recommended 

treatment plan. Take the opportunity to schedule appointments ahead of time.

3. Be kind to your self and your body. Don't "undo" the treatment by engaging in heavy activities immediately afterward. Eat well. Breathe. Rest. 

Eat well. Breathe. Rest. 

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